Waste Heat to Value:

Generating Power

Waste heat recovery is integral to the energy transition.

Waste heat recovery is competitive, cost-effective and economic - a compelling ESG story for heavy industrial facilities. Join Terrapin in this walk-through of the markets, relevant technologies and project development considerations for waste heat to power solutions. The presentation will be followed by a brief Q&A.

Key Points

The waste heat recovery market is growing.

The market is growing in North America as carbon pricing and emissions intensity concerns become more prevalent.

Waste heat recovery projects depend on the waste heat source.

The most important criteria for waste heat project integration is the temperature, flow rate and consistency in the waste heat source.

Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology is not new.

ORC technology is mature, reliable technology that has found application in projects where steam is not suitable.


Gray Alton

VP Project Development

Dan Fipke

Former VP Commercial & Regulatory

Connor Speer, E.I.T.

Former R&D Engineer in Training

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