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Terrapin Geothermics Blog

Educational thought pieces for waste heat to power and conventional geothermal industries.

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Bring on the Heat: 4 Reasons Why Thermal Energy is the Missing Link in our Energy Transition
March 29, 2022
Image by Carlos Alfonso
Terrapin's 3 Key Takeaways from CERAWeek
March 17, 2022
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Is Geothermal Energy Renewable or Nonrenewable?
February 21, 2022
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What Produces Waste Heat & How Can It Power Our Planet?
January 11, 2022
Terrapin Geothermics Geothermal Energy
Supporting Energy Transition by Turning Geothermal, Waste Heat Into Baseload Energy
Terrapin, The Way Ahead
November 19, 2021
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Helping Decarbonize Industries: Converting Waste Heat Helps the Earth & Your Business
April 29, 2021
Logging Operation in Winter (Photo Court
Alberta's first geothermal project heats up
The Hitch, CAODC
April 8, 2021
Aerial View of Farm
Conventional Geothermal Energy's Best-Kept Secret
April 7, 2021
Answering Your Top 3 Questions on Geothermal Energy Development in Alberta
March 30, 2021
Mountain Lake
Why Canada's geothermal industry is finally gaining ground
Lesley Evans Ogden, The Narwhal
September 12, 2020
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