Waste Heat to Value

Reducing emissions-intensity for industry by developing profitable, clean energy projects from waste heat.


We want to see you thrive in a net-zero world.

Terrapin targets energy-intensive industries directly by lowering the emissions-intensity of existing legacy assets. We offer industrial clients a turnkey solution that maps and evaluates their waste heat resource and converts it into useable and valuable energy. 


The electricity generated from these projects can be used to:

  • Offset client grid electricity consumption

  • Replace power currently being produced on-site from diesel gen-sets or natural gas units

  • Sell back to the grid, generating revenue from electricity prices and future capacity market payments

Our Project: Natural Gas Turbine Waste Heat Recovery




Heat Source

Technology Used


Design and development

8 MW

Natural gas compressor station

Waste heat from natural gas turbine

Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system

Terrapin's Partnership Development Model

Beyond the heat source and site, Terrapin considers the jurisdiction's power market, carbon offset market, policies, and regulations to ensure that the project is economically feasible.

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Developing profitable energy projects from heat to help industry thrive in a net-zero world.

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