Project: Natural Gas Turbine Waste Heat Recovery

Terrapin is in later stages of design and development of an 8 MW heat to power project at a natural gas compressor station. The project diverts exhaust gas from the station's gas turbine to an adjacent Organic Rankine Cycle unit. The system will export electricity to the grid with minimal impact on the facility's existing operations and infrastructure. This project will be owned and operated by Terrapin and Capstone Infrastructure through the Partnership Development Model.

Project: Metals Facility Waste Heat Recovery

Terrapin is in detailed design with a world leader in nickel production to reduce their carbon intensity. The project will install a 700 kW net output generator using waste heat currently vented from the facility’s existing ammonia process to the atmosphere. This design has been developed by working closely with client engineering and operations personnel to ensure seamless integration of the system.

Project: Alberta No. 1

Terrapin is developing a 5 megawatt (MW) net conventional geothermal energy project in the Municipal District of Greenview. This geothermal power plant will generate electricity for the neighbouring Tri-Municipal Industrial Partnership industrial park. A district heating system is being discussed.