Our Projects

Maximizing the value of heat resources through economic waste heat to power and conventional geothermal energy projects.


Decarbonizing your operations and communities with emission-free heat and power.

At the core of our projects is heat. We convert waste heat and deep geothermal resources into reliable, emission-free electricity and utility-scale heat. We work closely with our clients to ensure the safe and seamless integration of our clean energy projects with your existing infrastructure.

Our projects can be financed through third-party capital, meaning we own and operate the project and pay you for access to your heat.

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Waste Heat to Value

We want to see industry thrive in a net-zero world.


We are reducing the emissions-intensity of fossil fuel and heavy industrial assets by developing profitable clean energy projects from waste heat.

Geothermal Heat to Value

We see geothermal as the next chapter of our energy story.


A natural fit for our industry's drilling and infrastructure expertise, we are proving the economics of this baseload renewable resource by developing conventional geothermal energy projects, including Alberta No. 1. 


Photo: Exergy International