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Our Team

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Sean Collins

Founder & President

Sean oversees the development of emission-free, waste heat to power projects in the oil and gas industry and Alberta’s first geothermal power project.

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Stean Smith

Managing Partner

Ryan Maxwell

Executive Chairman

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Rod Frey

Chief Technology Officer

Rod monitors the technology landscape of heat-to-power technology and is obsessed with the idea that harnessing waste heat is an untapped global opportunity.

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Luciano Dalla-Longa

Chief Development Officer

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Cathie Hickson, P.Geo

Chief Geologist

Dr. Catherine Hickson leads all geotechnical work for Terrapin, providing industry knowledge and expertise for Alberta No. 1, Alberta’s first conventional geothermal energy facility.

Gray Alton

VP of Project Development

Gray leads Terrapin’s geographical expansion in Canada and internationally. Gray brings together all stakeholders required to conceptualize and develop waste heat and geothermal power projects.

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Dan Fipke

VP Commercial & Regulatory

Dan provides strategic leadership in navigating electricity markets, commercial agreements, regulatory approvals and sustainable energy policy development. Dan also leads the lobbying efforts for Alberta’s geothermal industry.

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Jake Bainbridge, P.Eng

Director of Engineering

Leading Terrapin’s engineering team, Jake plans execution strategies and conducts detailed designs. Jake also oversees the development of Terrapin’s in-house Stirling engine.

Marc Colombina

Project Manager & Grants Specialist

Marc leads the logistics and procurement for Terrapin’s various power projects.

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Stuart Ashley, P.Eng

Process Engineer

Stuart provides process and mechanical engineering expertise for identifying and developing waste heat to power opportunities.

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Connor Speer, EIT

Research & Development Engineer

Connor leads the development of Terrapin’s in-house heat-to-power engine. He also works to deepen Terrapin’s knowledge of waste heat recovery technologies.

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Diane Jeon

Marketing Manager

Diane manages Terrapin's social media platforms, media relations, events, presentations and creative content. She also provides strategic marketing support to the leadership team for business expansion.

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