Growing Geothermal:

The Value of Heat

Geothermal provides significant opportunities for Canada now more than ever.

What and where is geothermal, and why is now the time to develop it? Terrapin's geologists (and Geothermal Canada's President and Secretary) will provide an update on project Alberta No. 1 and provide the conceptual and technical basis of what the public must know when approaching this industry.

Key Points

Geothermal is most useful to Canada because of its heat.

High availability and capacity factors of geothermal can help ensure the reliability of Alberta’s electrical grid.

Alberta No. 1 is only the start of proving geothermal. 

Previous experience in the oil and gas industry provides a starting point for geothermal; though, there are key distinctions.

Economic geothermal development requires innovation with other sectors.

Growing the geothermal industry will require a coalition between geothermal project developers and drillers, finance groups, construction, and the public sector.


Dr. Catherine Hickson, P.Geo

Chief Geologist

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Katie Huang, G.I.T.

Geothermal Geologist

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