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Alberta Company Receives Support from Province to Speak at World Energy Conference

February 6, 2020

Edmonton, AB – Terrapin Geothermics, an Edmonton-based clean energy firm announced today that the Alberta government will provide financial support for its business development speaking commitment in CERAWeek's Innovation Agora this March. This participation in the Agora is an exciting entry into the global conversation of energy.

"Alberta companies, like Terrapin, are the backbone of our economy and are among the most innovative and forward thinking in the world. We're helping companies showcase their products and ideas in new markets - because we know that their success abroad translates to jobs, investment, economic growth and more here at home," says Tanya Fir, Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Tourism.

CERAWeek is an international event that furthers global and regional energy futures by addressing key issues in the industry and bringing together a community of technologists, investors, thought leaders, government officials and corporate innovators.

Terrapin's Agora Pod presentation will speak to reductions in emissions-intensity through innovative ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) solutions, including waste heat to power. This topic is centered around Cleantech and Climate, one of six key themes for the CERAWeek Innovation Agora 2020.

"In this changing world, innovative industrial and government leaders have fundamentally shifted their lens towards sustainable, ESG initiatives,"says Sean Collins, President of Terrapin. "It's time to unlock the value that comes from these profitable climate solutions."

Funding will be provided through the Alberta Export Expansion Program, which supports Alberta small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), municipalities, industry associations, Indigenous communities and economic development organizations in their efforts to access new international export markets.

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