Turning heat into value.

We develop profitable energy projects from waste heat and geothermal resources to help industries thrive in a net-zero world.

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Your Turnkey Solution to Decarbonization

Terrapin works with industrial clients and their waste heat resources

to identify, develop and invest in profitable clean energy projects.


We scope heat sources to determine the most economic and safest heat to value project.


We manage the project from origination to completion, offering you a turnkey solution.


We partner with clean infrastructure developers to write you the cheque.


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Unlocking Heat Potential

We specialize in harnessing the value of heat resources from industrial processes and from deep underground.

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Network & Partners

Network of clean tech and clean energy visionaries.


Industry partner with regional colleges and universities.

Active advocate for Geothermal Canada and Canadian geothermal industry.

Inaugural member of Greentown Labs Houston.