Waste Heat Company and Geothermal Consultants Designing, Financing & Managing Projects Throughout North America

As one of Canada’s leading waste heat and geothermal energy companies, Terrapin Geothermics works to develop emission-free energy projects from waste heat and geothermal resources to help industries thrive in a net-zero world. We help industries utilize the power of clean, renewable energy from waste heat recovery and geothermal applications to optimize their processes and generate powerful ESG stories.

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Your Turnkey Solution to Decarbonization

Terrapin works with industrial clients and their waste heat resources to identify, design and develop profitable clean energy projects. Our team puts the advantages of geothermal energy and waste heat to work, driving us towards a cleaner and brighter future. Working closely with waste heat recovery systems manufacturers to deploy innovative heat to power technology such as Organic Rankine Cycle systems, we develop and manage projects to help your industry convert low-temperature waste heat to power for needed applications. Terrapin differs from other waste heat recovery companies by delivering end to end solutions with a zero CAPEX option for clients.


We scope heat sources to determine the safest and most economical heat-to-value project.



We manage the project from origination to completion, offering you a turnkey solution.



We partner with clean infrastructure developers to write you the cheque.


Converting Waste Heat and Geothermal Energy into Value

Terrapin's business is in unlocking the inherent value of heat. We specialize in producing emission-free heat and power, environmental attributes and ESG stories from this heat for the energy industry. More and more, industrial emitters look to waste heat recovery companies and geothermal energy companies to harness the power of these clean and renewable sources. As waste heat and geothermal consultants, we understand the importance of emission-free and baseload heat and power that only waste heat and geothermal energy can provide.


Industries all over the world require large amounts of heat for their processes. Heat is expensive, both financially and on the environment – 31% of emissions from energy production is from generating electricity and heat. To offset the high energy demand and cost needed to provide heat to large-scale projects, these industries are looking to baseload heat and power solutions to help them reach a net-zero benchmark. In turn, clients look to Terrapin as a waste heat and geothermal consultant to develop and manage projects. To date, we have worked with energy companies and municipalities to deliver clean energy solutions. Albertans know us as one of the province’s leading geothermal power companies. We’ve recently confirmed geothermal power potential for our signature energy project, Alberta No. 1 – Alberta's first conventional geothermal energy facility.

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