Turning Heat into Value.

Reducing emissions intensity through innovative energy solutions.


Energy efficiency is the largest untapped resource on Earth.

How much energy are we actually using?

As a global society, we lose more energy than we produce. 58% of the energy the world produces is lost in the form of waste heat. This wasted heat is enough to heat entire countries alone.

With the world warming at an alarming rate, finding a sustainable energy solution is of utmost importance. Terrapin aims to make the recovery of waste heat and its conversion to power integral to the world's energy transition.

Your most efficient way to sustainability

Terrapin's turnkey model is the ESG opportunity that creates value for all.

Waste Heat Owner

  • Monetized waste product

  • Reduction in emissions intensity

Waste Heat Technology

  • Exclusive sales of the best

Capital Provider

  • Funds for long-term, clean electricity projects

Engineering, Procurement and Construction Partners

  • Local job creation


We pinpoint potential waste heat recovery opportunities at industrial facilities and potential geothermal energy developments in communities

through economic analyses, heat assessments, and engineering feasibility studies.


We work with facility operators and engineering personnel and verified construction partners to execute turn-key, positive-ROI sustainability projects.


We partner with Capstone Infrastructure, a $1.2 billion infrastructure developer, to provide clients choices with ownership, financing and operation.


Project Snapshot

Terrapin's large-scale heat to power projects include:

Waste Heat Recovery at Natural Gas Compressor Station
Waste Heat Recovery at Metals Facility
Geothermal Project



Network & Partners

Terrapin's joint venture with Capstone Infrastructure gives facilities the opportunity to simply sell their waste heat. 

Terrapin is a Fellow and participant in the Energy Futures Lab, contributing to Alberta's energy innovation.

Terrapin is actively involved in Geothermal Canada and the geothermal industry.

Terrapin graduated from the first ever cohort of the CDL-Rockies program.


Terrapin is an approved Vendor of the EEA Custom Energy Solutions Program.


Terrapin works with ACTia to support Albertans developing clean technology.

Terrapin engages with CRIN to further its vision for Canada as the global leader in producing clean hydrocarbon energy.


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